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The hull is formed of reinforced pvc skin held under tension by an interlocking framework of tubular aluminium ribs. The longitudinal ribs are shock corded and self assemble. A closed cell foam mat between the skin and frame provides flotation, shock absorbency and the safety margin of a double bottom; it also provides excellent insulation from cold water. Seat positions adjust to trim the canoes. Because The ally canoe will absorb even severe impacts with no damage at all where fibreglass, kevlar or aluminium canoes frequently crack or get hung up. Side panels are sewn and welded to a heavier bottom panel, creating water proof joints stronger than the material itself. the hull is flexible you stay drier. Its flexibility allows it to ride over waves rather than crash into them, taking in water. Its flexible and slippery skin makes encounters with rocks a much less harrowing experience than with rigid skin canoes.



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Ally 15.5' DR

This is a splendid canoe for two persons with baggage on week-end to week long trips, or for families with two adults and one child.  Product Details...


Ally 15'

611 ALLY 15´ DR This is the "classical" ALLY canoe, easy to maneuvre and with high stability.  Product Details...


Ally 16.5' DR

811 ALLY 16.5´ DR The canoe for those who need large volume combined with high stability on plain waters and in rivers.  Product Details...


Ally 17' DR

ALLY 17’ is a high performance fast canoe that very well matches up to the fastest fibreglass or kevlar canoes.  Product Details...


Ally 18' DR

711 ALLY 18´ DR This big canoe has the same shape as 15’ DR and 16,5’ DR. With a length of 18 feet, this canoe has a wide and long, flat bottom and tumblehome shape.  Product Details...


Ally 18.5' DR

715 ALLY 18.5´This canoe is made for those who need very high load capacity for 3 or 4 persons with baggage.  Product Details...


Ally Backrest

Strap attachment to the seat.  Product Details...

Ally Carry Sack

Carrying sack with carrying straps Made in the same material as the canoe skin.  Product Details...


Ally Outriggers

321 Outrigger with frame extension Consists of two inflatable pontoons, which are attached to a foldable rack in aluminium extending 1 metre out to both sides of the canoe.  Product Details...


Ally Pack Rack

Complete pack frame with carrying system. Folded in a packsack the canoe can easily be attached to the pack frame.  Product Details...


Ally Pack Sack

The packsack is made of the same "armour" reinforced plastic-material as the canoe skin.  Product Details...


Ally Sponsons

320 Outrigger with strap attachments Inflatable pontoons which attach to the sides of the canoe. They should always be used in pairs.  Product Details...


Ally Spraydeck

Carrying sack with carrying straps. Made in the same material as the canoe skin.  Product Details...


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