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Super-lightweight, urethane coated nylon dry bags that seal with a roll-down closure.  Product Details...


KODIAK Tapered Dry Bags (Kayak shaped)

Super-lightweight, urethane coated nylon dry bags that seal with a roll-down closure. The Kodiac Taper 35 and 20 are designed to fit in kayak bow and sterns and have a purge valve at the tip to empty out excess air.  Product Details...


MSR Dromedary Water Bags (The toughest!)

The strongest and most versatile water bag. Expandable, collapsable 2, 4, 6 or 10 litre capacity. Very, VERY tough laminated Cordura. They can be dropped and even accidentally frozen without rupturing or tearing. Lined with food grade polyurethane.  Product Details...


MSR Fuel Bottles

Designed to work with the threaded pumps on your existing MSR stoves. Air-tight seal allows fuel to be stored longer by preventing air from entering and degrading fuel Made from single-piece, impact-extruded aluminum to prevent leaks and cracks.  Product Details...


ORTLIEB 'X-PLORER' with Back Straps

X-Plorer, available in two sizes, is a good combination between a drybag and a rucksack. The reliable roll closure makes it ideal for activities such as motorcycling, climbing and canoeing, speleology and many other outdoor activities.  Product Details...


ORTLIEB 'X-TREMER' Canoe Sack with Back Straps

Fabrics - Cordura, single PU coated and dobule coated Polyester. Strong, adjustable shoulder straps. Ideal for humping kit from car to boat / boat camp etc. Metal D ring.  Product Details...


ORTLIEB Compression Sack

Pack it, then squeeze some bulk out of it. Lightweight drybag with valve and sealing closure.  Product Details...


ORTLIEB Heavy Weight PO 490 Bags (ideal for Canadian Canoes)

These are ideal for canoes, really heavy weight, strong bags. They will take a lot of wear, tear and bash. Red/Black. They also make good buoyancy bags for canoes - You don't have to blow them up and you can keep your gear dry inside them.  Product Details...


ORTLIEB Medium Weight PO 350 Bags (ideal for Sea Kayaks)

The ideal weight for a sea kayak - heavy enough for the job without being too rigid, they can flex into those narrow places. Fabric - Polyester-fabric, double PU coated. Medium size is about the biggest you can easily get into a sea kayak hatch.  Product Details...


ORTLIEB Safe-It Bags : For GPS, Radio, Phones, etc.

Spray and dustproof bag that comes in three sizes for storing and protecting mobile phones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants or mini computers) and GPS devices.  Product Details...


ORTLIEB Walkie-Talkie Bag

This waterproof case for walkie-talkies is made of the same folding and tear-resistant foil as the ORTLIEB document bags. It protects your device from dirt and water in any situation.  Product Details...

ORTLIEB Water Bags

Extremely light and durable water bag with wide opening, metering valve with dust cap and handles. Connection of shower valve, drinking hose and manual filters for water purification.  Product Details...


ORTLIEB Window Bags : see what's inside ... from outside

Sturdy drybag made from the extremely strong PD620 fabric with a section of transparent fold resistant foil material. This way, you will always know where your gear is stored and save yourself a lot of blind rummaging about.  Product Details...


PLASTIMO C/SAFE : a real hard case

Small impact resistant case, waterproof up to 5 metres. The case fits snugly around the waist, and will protect your valuables (credit cards, car-keys, cash...) or any item you wish (flares, pills...).  Product Details...


PLATYPUS Big Zip Water Bags

Easy to fill and clean. The pinnacle of hydration reservoir design, the Big Zips feature a wide, bomb-proof zip opening for quick filling and easy cleaning.  Product Details...


PLATYPUS Hoser Hydration Bags

Convert any pack into a hands-free hydration system, for a mere fraction of the cost of a new hydration pack. Just slip it into an existing pack for the same performance-enhancing results.  Product Details...



Made from 3 ply laminated plastic with all welded construction, very durable but light weight. They can be boiled or frozen.  Product Details...


PLATYPUS Water Tanks

Made from 3 ply laminated plastic with all welded construction, very durable but light weight. They can be boiled or frozen.  Product Details...


Saekodive Divers Dry Boxes

Good for keys, money, sun glasses. Keep your goodies dry. 'O' ring seal. Bash proof.  Product Details...



Wide-track waterproof zip seal. Corner D-rings for attachment to kayak, canoe, thwart, backpack or bike. V good!  Product Details...



See from outside what's inside. Whatever it is that you need out of a bag - it always seems to be right at the bottom.  Product Details...


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